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Love Shibas? Join the Club!

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Who Can Join?

Do You Love Shiba Inus?
Come Join the Club!
Do you Have a Shiba Inu or two or thee...?
Come Join the Club!
Do you want to Learn about the Shiba Inu?
Come Join the Club!
Do you want a Shiba Inu?
Come Join the Club!
Do you want to help Shiba Inus?
Come Join the Club!
Even if you have other breeds of dogs let them join as honorary shibas!
We invite anybody interested in the issues and topics about Shiba Inus. People who are interesteded in all aspect of the breed from learning where they came from, What they do, How to train them and of course to playing with them. We just ask that Members should be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization and/or rescue. Even if that means to spread the word about the club or volunteering at an event or offering assistance to the rescue. Every little bit helps!
Bottom line, we want to make being a Shiba Club Ohio Member Fun, Informative, Fun, Helpful, and oh did I mention Fun!

Benefits of Joining Shiba Club Ohio

What do people love more than to talk about their Furbabies?!
Meet people and Shibas from around Ohio and other states who know exactly what you are going thru! The Shiba Inu is not the typical family dog. Some may say the Shiba isn't even a dog in the first place! There is just something special about this breed and all of its antics which make them so fun to talk about and so fun to watch. Everyone with a Shiba has at least a dozen good stories about the things they do! Now you can get together and start sharing!

If you are looking into getting a Shiba this is the place for you! In order to find out if this breed is the right one for you, you need to gather as much information as possible. You can talk to breeders read the stats in books or websites. But one of the best ways to really get some good information on something is to ask people who have what you are looking for already. Ask away! People here would be happy to let you know all about these little rascals! Plus to come to some of the events to see and play with them yourself. Then you can make a true educated decision.
Other benefits of Joining SCO
  •  Access to the SCO Message Board 
  •  Discounts on Events
  •  Discounts on Some Merchandise
  •  Learn how to Care for your Shiba
  •  Get access to other groups and clubs devoted to Shibas
  •  Acess to Archived Newsletters with all sorts of great information 
  •  Meet other people with Shiba Inus
  •  Get to know Ohio with your Shiba
  •  Satisfaction for helping Shibas in need
  •  Having a ton of FUN!
Members and their Shibas can be picked for Shiba of the Month and be featured in Dogography. We will eventually be working on a calendar which will feature our Member's Shibas and the birthdays of our Shibas. We are working on some other projects that our Members will have privileges to.
Plus, it's FREE!! WHY NOT!

How Can You Join?

Please Join us at Northeast Ohio Shiba Inu Meetup Group (Link Below)
This will keep you up to date with Events, Discussions, and Meetups.
Then Please fill the Form below.
It's that simple and it's Free!

Northeast Ohio Shiba Inu Meetup (Join Free Here)

E-Mail Address:
Furbaby's Name(s)
What type of Shiba Inu(s) owns you?
Honorary Shiba(s), If applicable, What breed?
Tell us about your Shibas and yourself
What would you like to learn and see on the SCO Site?
I would like information on how to help Shiba Rescues
I would be interested in becoming a board member
I would be interested in Helping out with Events
I would be interested in helping out with Publicity
I would be interested in Sponsoring the SCO
I would like my Shiba featured in Dogography
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