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Shiba Club Ohio

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Welcome to Shiba Club Ohio!

Currently we are under construction.

Shiba Club Ohio (SCO) is starting a State Club which promotes and standardizes the description of the Shiba Inu. We adore the Shiba Inu and want what is in the best interests of the breed and the owners. So we are starting this club to inform, discuss, and have fun with, the shiba inu breed!


Our member shiba lovers wish to promote the betterment of the breed and do not promote or recommend purshasing our furbabies from pet shops or in some instances via internet.  We feel that these animals are bred for profit only and that no consideration is given to the breed or to the proper placement of the animal in question. We would like to support shiba rescues via donations, adoptions, and/or volunteering.


We are currently looking for people interested in being officers and board members of the SCO. If you are interested please contact us.

How To Become A Member

We will soon have that information up. In the meantime to keep updated please join us on the Northeastern Shiba Inu MeetUp Site! We can't wait to meet you and your shiba!

Northeast Shiba Inu Meetup Group

It's free!
You can also contact us by email:

Shiba of the Month


Owners: David and Brigitte Obringer
Diesel is now a 3yr old Red Sesame
From Ashland, Ohio

If you would like to have your fur baby
as the Shiba of the Month
Join Now and we will tell you how

Northeast Ohio Shiba Inu Meetup