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Frequently Asked Questions About Shibas

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Where Can I Buy A Shiba?


You need to decide if you want a puppy or an adult Shiba Inu.  A good reputable breeder will have puppies and possibly juvenile or adult dogs available for placement.  Rescue organizations usually have adults that have been altered, updated on their vaccinations and can be placed for a reasonable donation.  Pet stores do sell the Shiba, but the cost averages somewhere between $1000 to $1300 and they cannot offer the support network a good breeder or rescue organization can.


How Much Can I Expect To Pay For A Shiba?


The price of a puppy varies with the breeders, geographic region and quality of the dog.  Expect to pay more for show and breeding prospects; about $700 to $1200.  Puppies that have been determined to be of pet quality will run about $600 to $800 and will probably come with a spay/neuter contract and/or limited AKC registration. Rescue ranges usually around $100 to $350 usually depending on age. Some offer rebates with completion of obedience training. This also usually includes all of the shots and spaying/neutering.


Are Shibas Good Family Dogs?


Shibas are naturally loyal and make good watchdogs. They are also tolerant and patient; however, like any other animal, the Shiba will protect itself if he/she is repeatedly abused, challenged or teased. The Shiba is usually a loving companion, but they enjoy their independence.  Breeding and environment can effect the behavior of all animals. It is a HIGHLY recommended to Socialize your shiba as a pup.


Are Shibas Good With Other Animals?


Yes and no.  The Shiba was bred to be a hunter of small game ranging from birds in the bush, on up to and including the Japanese Boar.  Shibas will be tolerant of the animals they are raised with , but no necessarily the animals that live next door.  The introduction of any new animal should be handled with care and respect for the current animal residents.


Are Shibas Easy to Care For?


The Shiba Inu needs to be fed a good quality dog food.  Do not feed them, or any other animals either onions or chocolate.  They are very catlike and keep themselves rather clean. But like cats most Shibas hate baths. They should be brushed and have their nails cut on a regular basis.


Can The Shiba Be Obedience Trained?


Yes, and it should be.  There are many reasonably priced puppy, novice and advanced classes available.  To be able to take your Shiba anywhere because you both took the time to learn new things together is the greatest benefit of having a well trained dog. Plus this is a great way of keeping your Shiba safe! For the most part they are easily trained and can usually be potty trained within a week. Although tell them the "come" command and they first look to see if you have a toy or treat for them. If not and they feel they have better things to do...Good Luck!


Does The Shiba Require a Large Yard?


No.  The Shiba Inu can fit into almost any living environment, provided that moderate exercise is provided.  A good walk, twice a day, a romp in the backyard or a charge through the house will give your Shiba a good exercise.  Never let your dog run without a leash.  Shibas are known to be escape artists as well. Walk around your yard often to look for any possible escape routs and take care of them. Shiba can also jump! Some have been known to clear a 6 foot fense! It is always a good idea to have your Shiba microchipped. It is not expensive and for that day when your shiba does decide to take a trip, it could be a life saver!

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