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DogSkills Adventure Camp Retreat

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We are starting to plan a weekend camping trip for Shiba Inus and Honorary Shibas. Dogskills Adventure Camp's owner and Director Becky Cambell is willing to work with us to make a smaller version of their retreat program to fit in a weekend. Due to us having to cut it down to fit we would like some imput on what would make this worthwhile and more interesting to you. Plus we are trying to make this work where it will fit one's budget as well. So below we will explain some of the events they do then after reviewing please go to the survey and let us know what you think. This will then help us plan a more sucessful event. Thank you so much for your time!

Obedience - This adventures includes basic manners focusing on preparation for the Canine Good Citizen Certification and Therapy dog Certification.  Classes are also offered in all levels of Competition Obedience all exercises are taught utilizing positive reinforcement techniques.
Flyball- Flyball has become one of the most popular canine sports in the canine community since its inception in the late 1970s.  Flyball consists of relay races with a team of four dogs.  Courses are usually made up of a starting line, four hurdles placed 10 feet apart from each other, and a flyball box.  The game is played when the first dog in the team jumps over the hurdles and then steps on a lever on the box that sends a tennis ball into the air.  The dog catches the ball in its mouth and then runs back to the starting line, taking the hurdles again.   As the dog crosses the line, the next dog in line repeats the procedure.  The first team with all four dogs doing an errorless run wins the heat.
Agility- Agility might be the fastest-growing canine event of the last two decades.  Agility is fun to watch and even more fun to participate in.  Agility competition consists of a series of obstacles, laid out in a course.  Each dog is expected to negotiate the course with its handler at its side, and to do it faster and more accurately than the other dogs in the competition.  The obstacles include a tire jump, dog walk, collapsible tunnel, an A-frame, and a number of other impediments.  Any dog can participate in agility, although some breeds are better at it than others.
Lure Coursing- Lure coursing is a sport that test the instincts and skills of the sighthound breeds, dogs that were created thousands of years ago to chase game by sight.  In lure coursing, Afghans, Basenji, Borzoi, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets can participate. They are placed on a course (by breed), three at a time and asked to chase the lure.  Each dog receives points based on speed, agility, follow, enthusiasm,  and endurance.  At DogSkills Adventure any dog that wishes to chase the ‘bunny’ will be given the opportunity to have fun chasing the lure.  Dogs will run one at a time.
Feild Events- The field class will cover the basics of positively induced retrieving including games to bring out prey chase drive, quick pick up and delivery to hand. The class will also introduce swimming and water retrieving, weather permitting.
Our field instructors, the Elliotts, feel that it is the birthright of all dogs born of the Sporting Breeds, to have the chance to enjoy doing field work !
Rally O - This is the fun, exciting new obedience sport for dogs,  It utilizes directional signs to guide the handler throughout the course somewhat similar to rally car racing. Rally courses are offered each day with increasing difficulty. Exercises are taught prior to running the courses,  All exercises are taught utilizing positive reinforcement techniques.
Some other events recommended for us...
The "Basics" - We will be offering a basic manners class, games, basic fun agility, Frisbee,
swimming, tricks-- all of which require little to no training to participate.  I will also be teaching an attention class. Dogs are on leash at all times. (this may be the best bet so its not too much to take in in one weekend, plus we all know that an attention class is always needed with a Shiba!)
Therapy Dog Lecture and Training
The test to get certified is an extra $10.00
Canine Good Citizen Lecture and Training
Test to get certified is an extra $10.00
Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog international test is 15.00
They also have a Doctor that specializes in Holistic meds which could be interesting to hear a lecture on. But that would cost extra too. We may be able to find a Vet that could come talk to us as well about the health of our dogs.
There is a 2 dog per person limit. They ask to the dogs to be crated when they are not with us. of course all vaccines and medical records for the dogs. we are required to pick up after our dogs.
Cutting the Cost...
In order to cut down the cost we are looking into a number of ideas. First off normally with their camp the classes, room and board, and food are all covered in the price. We are thinking that each person can either bring their own food or we all do a pot luck.  We can also do the food our selves and maybe go to Sam's club for hotdogs and hamburgers to keep the cost down (this would then add to the price). We have the option to use the facilities they use although they are quite expensive. A number of Ohio State parks have a Petfriendly camp area. We could rent out a section of that and all camp. Most cabins out here do not except dogs but we may be able to cut a deal somehow. Plus there is the option for some hotels. So far the idea of camping is in the works. We would invite everyone who would like to go. We are going to see if we can get a group rate and then split it up instead of getting a per person price. Please let us know if you have any ideas. We want to make this as much fun as possible so another idea may just be having the training day on just one day and then a picnic on Sunday before we all head home. We would have people come in on Friday/Friday night and then head home Sunday afternoon.
So far that is what is in the works. We think that this can be a lot of fun! Please let us know what you think and what you would be interested in.


After reading please leave your imput below. Thank you!

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