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Shiba Shop

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The Midwest Shiba Inu Shop

Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue Picnic Shop

Thank you for visiting SCO Shiba Shop!
Still in planning please come back soon!
We hope to soon offer some Shiba items here to help SCO and Shiba Inu Rescues.
If you are interested in offering products or services relating to Shiba Inus or dogs in general and are willing to donate some of the proceeds please contact us.
send us an e-mail!

Shiba Inus: Laura Payton (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Laura Payton

The Complete Shiba Inu
Maureen Atkinson

A New Owner's Guide to Shiba Inus
Charles Doran

Shiba Inu (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)
Andrew De Prisco

Shiba Inu 2004 Calendar
Browntrout Publishers

Shiba Inu Champions, 1993-2001
Sharae Heslet

Shiba Inu 2005 Petprints Calendar

Shiba Inu 2005 Wall Calendar
Browntrout Pubs (Cal)

Shiba Inu 2006 Mini Calendar
Browntrout Pubs (Cal)

Shiba Inu 2004 Calendar
Pet Prints, Inc.

Shiba Inu 2006 Calendar
Browntrout Pubs (Cal)

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