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SCO Membership Newsletter

SCO's New Members!
The Hill Family and their Shiba Kokomo, Indiana
Zack S and his Shiba Jinx, Worthington, Ohio
The Hutchinson Family and their Shibas Keiko and Yoshi, Ohio
Diana and her Shiba Misty, Ohio
Joseph Nixon and his two Shibas in Columbus, Ohio
Heather Lombardo and her Shiba Quinn in Columbus, Ohio
Jan and her Shiba Angel from Toledo, Ohio
Kristine and her Shiba Scout, Michigan
Elizabeth and her Shiba Fred, Florida
Anne Delcos and her Shiba Yogi, Akron, Ohio
Pam and Dan Patterson and all of their Shibas and Rescues, Moscow, Ohio
Obringer family with their Shiba's Diesel and Jasmine, Ashland, Ohio
Welcome to the Club Everyone!

Shedding can help Shiba Inu Rescues?
Brigitte Klotzek
April 1, 2005
If you are a Shiba Inu owner then once or twice a year you are thinking, WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF THIS HAIR!!! The way these notorious shedders blow their coat some people may almost think your dog is sick! So you start plucking and brushing and stop wearing black for a month. You go to the pet store to find the newest gadgets for brushing the loose hair out. We know that if you have your Shiba in the house these are some crazy times! You sit on the floor with your furbaby and a plastic grocery bag and you start collecting it. When you are done or your shiba has finally escaped from your grip you most likely take that bag tie it up and throw it out. Well, what if I told you that you could be helping the Shiba Inu Rescues with that bag of hair?
After having a Kudzu problem about four years ago Elizabeth Kamerick  from Florida bought some goats. The next spring she discovered that the goats were shedding quite a bit of cashmere. Just for fun she decided to start saving and learned how to spin using a drop needle. Things were going great with that. Then one day Fred her 12 year old Shiba started to blow his coat and inspiration struck!
"We would sit for hours while I combed the clumps off him and threw them in a grocery bag to be thrown out." Elizabeth explained "I picked up a little clump of fur and twirled it a bit and it started forming yarn! So I decided to save it."
With Fred getting elderly she wasn't sure how much longer he would be around. "I thought it would be nice to have something to remember him by. Now I know when it gets cold out and I wrap that scarf around me that Fred will always be there with me keeping me warm."
Since she lives in Florida with the weather being warm most of the time Fred doesn't get as thick of an undercoat so it has become a multi-year project.
"I never thought anyone else would be interested until a discussion about shedding came around. I mentioned what I was doing for fun and several people seemed interested. So I thought that if I could get enough fur donations it may be a fun project for me as well as benefiting the rescue!"
Elizabeth is looking for Shiba Inu Hair donations. The hair needs to be from Shibas with healthy skin and from flea free dogs.
"I would hate to have 5 million fleas hatch out in a box then invade my house!"
Hair needs to be separated between Red, Red Sesame, Black and Tan, and other color varieties of the Shiba Inu. She may eventually look more into other types of dogs for hair donations but for now will stick to the Shiba Inu. Then for every Shiba Inu scarf sold a donation will be made to Shiba Inu Rescues which the person buying the scarf will pick. The first scarf sold will be going to the Ohio Shiba Inu Rescue.  
If you would like to help Elizabeth and Shiba Inu rescues with fur donations or would like to pre-order one of these unique scarves please fill out the form below we will then send you the information on where to send the hair or how to contact her. Hey! It's better than collecting hair on the furniture and carpet! Plus its for a wonderful cause!
We at would like to thank Elizabeth for her great idea to help Shiba Inu rescues.


Email address:
I would like to get more info on:
If Donating, what color Shiba(s) do you have?
Any other Comments or Questions?

The Message Board Up and Running
Now SCO has a message board that is operational! Everyone is welcome to join in on the discussions. The message board has discussions, links, and an interactive calendar. Feel free to put your furbaby's birthday on it! We will also have more information on the latest events and things in the planning. We hope to get a chat room online within the next few months. Then we can also have monthly meetups online!
Please go to the Member's Page to the Member's Only section to get to the message board. In order to cut down on spammers we did put a sign in on the member's page. You will need to contact for your sign in and password. Then you can register as a member on the boards. We can't wait to see you there!

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